Jeep Week April 22-28th
Unit Owners:

I would like to call to your attention an upcoming event in Daytona which may impact you.

Jeep Week 2019 is slated to begin in earnest on Monday April 22 and to end Saturday April 28^th.   Events will be taking place throughout the week.  It is one of the largest Jeep only events in the country, and it attracts thousands of participants and vendors alike.

Please expect significant traffic delays, especially on the ISB Bridge and the Dunlawton Bridge to the south.  Allow extra time if you have scheduled appointments.

Please also expect delays and traffic backups if you are entering our south garage.

I have arranged for daytime security for this time frame, beginning at 1 p.m. each day and continuing until the 10 p.m. arrival of our Night Courtesy Officer, John.

I have been informed that the hotel to the north of us accommodates many of the Jeep participants, and, in addition to their pool deck duties, the officers will be looking for unauthorized individuals attempting to use our facilities.

If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to contact me.

Lyn Heppner
Community Association Manager
Results of Annual Fire Inspection
Please be advised that we recently had our annual fire inspection. Our overall grade was extremely good and the Fire Marshall was very complimentary for the size of our building.

The Fire Marshall did however, give us one instruction that must be followed. There can be NO extension cords strung across the floors to charge vehicles or other items. They are a trip and fall hazard and, as we can and will be re-inspected at any time, this is an important rule for us.

Please, if you currently are charging anything via extension cords, you need to bring the item to the cord—you cannot have the cord going across a walking or driving area.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Ocean Vistas a safe place to live.